Back On Track


Back On Track

I started this blog with the beginnings of my business idea, and I went on to thank a couple of people who have helped me get here. Now it’s time to start diving more deeply into what my createYES journey has been about. As I reflect on that, I realize it’s been about getting back on track.

We all have moments in our lives that are game changers. Some of these events are positive, yet still stressful, and some, well, not so much. You might call them stressful events whether they make you happy or sad. They could be pleasant events like weddings, travel, or moving, or less enjoyable events like divorce, car accidents, or incidents of abuse. These events have the power to take us off track if we are not clear on what our track is in the first place. These events are sometimes beyond our control, and sometimes the result of our own choices. Either way, at some point we realize, or finally come to accept what we’ve ‘known’ for a long time, that we’ve gone off track, and either way, we may not have noticed when the path started to shift; we only notice when we finally can’t breath because our faces have sunk too deeply into the mud.

Yes, I am talking about myself here – all of those examples are from my own life – but I use the pronoun we because we have all been there at one time or another, in one form or another. We’re human! Stress happens! Life happens! When it happens, what do you do? Do you stay there, down in the dumps – or do you get back up? I’d say you tend to get back up because you’re here reading this blog. In case you need a reminder, though, you do have the power to lift your face out of the mud and clean it up! It may take a while to really understand that and to implement all of the necessary course corrections, but it is possible! I know it took me a while. Maybe my story can help shorten your journey. That’s why I’d like to share my experiences, in case they may be of service to you – to help you go through it faster.

No matter how long it has taken you to recognize that you can’t breath – that you are stuck in a rut, in an uninspiring job or no job, in an unsatisfying relationship, in financial duress, in unpleasant solitude, or in a state of Life Sucks – you really are standing at the brink of breathing freely once again. It’s right around the corner. The shift could happen right now, in this very moment reading my blog, or there could be an insanely long dark corridor to navigate first, but ultimately, that corner really isn’t far away. It’s all in your perspective.

I do believe everything happens for a reason, and I believe it’s no accident that you’ve been drawn to this blog, and to this post. Can you  relate? How often do you hear people say they need to ‘get back on track’? How often have you told yourself that? I have certainly told myself that before, but in doing so I didn’t always actually acknowledge the other part of the equation – that if I need to get back on track it means I’m off track. Seems simple, right? Not always.

Do you know what track you are on – right now? Think about it. If you’re clear that the path you’re on is the right one for you at this moment, then good for you! Keep doing what  you’re doing! If not, then ask yourself this – “Am I on the right path?” Listen for the answer. It’s in there and it will speak up when you are ready to listen and hear the answer.





I have caught the blogging bug and I have people to thank for that. First, I’d like to thank Beth Hewitt for doing the 30-Day Blog Challenge in the first place, which has come along at just the perfect time for me to take massive action and become a blogger. Yes, on day two, I claim that title for myself! I now have 3 blogs, and I see the potential for an unlimited future as I keep thinking of more and more ideas of pages I can create! The sky’s the limit!

More to the point at the moment, though, is to thank my coach of the past two years, Jim Bunch, Founder of The Ultimate Game of Life. I have participated in his 90-Day Challenge 5 times in the past couple of years, and he has been a caring, authentically-motivated, classy, inspiring, spot-on, heart-centered, excellent, encouraging coach, guiding me through all phases of my transformation. It’s been quite a ride, and I’ve already moved mountains of change. However, as I finish this current 90-day phase, I realize I’m just now standing at the beginning of my new life.

Jim is not the only coach I’ve ever worked with – I’ve actually received bits of experiential wisdom from several different people and programs, but he is the coach I’ve chosen to work with the longest. I can’t say it’s always been a pleasant journey. Life happens. True transformational change requires that you release old long-held ideas of yourself – and ideas can sometimes have a death grip – called EGO – on your sense of self. Ego likes to maintain the status quo. Ego does not like or want change. Ego will fight to stay the same. Ego’s ideas are powerful, especially if we believe them.

Soul, unlike ego, wants to soar. Soul wants to grow, develop, change, experience, feel, inspire, and stimulate expressions of love and joy. Jim has provided an environment in which my soul has started to flap its wings. It takes compassionate tough love at times, with a subtle mix of hand holding and releasing, to guide people through the process of changing their ideas about themselves, releasing their ego’s death grip, and Jim has just the right blend for me. I took his hand throughout different rounds of his coaching program, and I let him lift me up to the next step so I can have a higher view – and I love the new view! I am sure I’ll grab his hand again in the future when another higher step seems insurmountable. It is a joy to know that hand is strong, non-judgmental, and actively available. It’s just up to me to reach for it.

So, Jim, with this post, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you, for sharing your gifts, wisdom, insight, perspective, and heart – and for demonstrating a pay-it-forward life and business model. I will strive to do the same as I pay it forward. Namaste!



createYES background collage

I am so excited to be starting this blog so that I can connect with you and share what I’ve learned over the past few decades. I figure a good place to begin is to share the origins of my idea for createYES.

It was 2005. I was living in a drafty 2-bedroom 1969 mobile home that was barely 900 square feet, raising 2 young children as a single mom, and giving an occasional massage to cover not even the basic expenses. I had not yet watched The Secret. I had not yet received coaching of any kind. I was recently divorced, and not doing well spiritually, emotionally, or financially.

One night after I put the kids to bed, I had a thought – what if I could come up with a plan, and follow that plan, and get ‘better’ on that plan? Then I’d have something worth sharing with others… What if? So I put more wood in the fireplace, sat down with a pad of paper, and started brainstorming. As I look back, I think it was more like downloading the information from the Field, but that’s a topic for another day.

One thing was apparent right away – I wanted the word YES. What did YES mean? After a few other tries, I came up with Your Essential Self. As soon as that was written, that was SO, and createYES was born. In that very same evening, I figured out what pieces might fit the puzzle. I have experience in many areas, so I thought back and made a list – and pretty soon I had an outline for the course. What was the next step? Well, I sat on it. And sat on it. And sat on it. I had a great idea, but not a great sense of self-esteem to manifest the idea. After several months, I asked a group of single moms in a support group I attended if they’d be interested in helping me launch the class and frankly I was surprised when they said yes – and even more surprised that they showed up week after week as I practiced and learned how to present the course. Well, that was still many years ago and what was the next step? Again, I sat on it, and sat on it.

I sat on it because it was not the right time, or I was not yet the right person, to bring it to the world in a big way. Everything has a right time to manifest. John Assaraf calls it the gestation time. I had more to experience, more to learn, more to contemplate, and more to grow. Apparently the gestation time for createYES was eight years, because now is the time. It’s time for createYES to emerge. What better time than April 1? In ancient times this was considered the New Year – and what a great time to start a new venture!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more of what createYES is all about. Namaste.